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Adult Education

To help encourage members of Grace Point to continue studying Scripture outside of the Sunday School hour, we are making our past classes available online.  Many classes include the PowerPoint and/or handouts used for the class, linked to a WinZip file in our Dropbox.  Join us Sundays after the worship service as we study and grow together!



For the month of September,

we will have an open house on the 6th to check out the exciting new changes to the children's ministry workshop rotation; for the rest of the month, we will meet during Sunday School for a focused time of intercessory prayer, to pray intentionally for the ministries and families of our church.  Please join us as we lift our prayers before the Lord!


Scarecrows in a Cucumber Field - July/August 2015

Dean Outhous

What are the idols you pray to? While we may not bow down before golden calves, our hearts are still just as prone to hope in things other than God. Join us during the Adult Ed Sunday School class as we discuss the lifeless idols we can create, just like scarecrows in a field.

Counseling & Community - May 2015

Dale Salter & Amy Watson

We proclaim that Jesus is Lord over our lives, but do we allow him to be Lord over our emotions? Our hearts and minds? Our relationships? This series explores the importance of authentic relationships, and discusses how to apply the Gospel to our own hearts, as well as others'.  Check out the powerpoints for the class here.

Financial Stewardship - April 2015

Perry Specht

We claim that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior over every aspect of our lives.  If that is true, how does that affect areas other than salvation and Christian living?  How does the Gospel affect our finances and our stuff?  For the next few weeks, we will examine how the Scriptures affect our role as stewards with what God has entrusted us.  The powerpoints for the class can be downloaded here.

Biblical Families - February 2015

Thom Watson

What does Scripture say about the role and importance of familes? About fathers and husbands? About wives and mothers? About children? Spend some time in the Bible with us to see what God has to say about where he has placed us in our families.  Much of this class was adapted from the book Family Vocation.

Clash of Cultures - Fall 2014

Jeff Norris and Keith Kneeshaw

As our culture changes, it diverges more and more from the truth of the Scriptures. How do we live in our culture but yet be salt and light, agents of God's grace? Join us for Sunday School over the next seven weeks as we explore culture's response to Christ and our response to our culture.  Handouts for the class can be found here.

Questions...? - Summer 2014

Various Teachers

Ever have a question about the Bible, God, or theology, but felt too embarrassed to ask somebody? This class aims to help you with those questions, and perhaps answer some that you haven't asked before. Bring your curiosity to Sunday School, and don't be afraid to ask!  Here are the notes from the questions we covered.

Christian Community - Summer 2014

Curt Snead

This class spent four weeks walking through Scripture dealing with Christian Community and why it's so vital to our lives. God created us to be in community in every area of life. Read what God's word says about this important aspect of the Gospel centered life. You can download the material here.

The Nicene Creed - Spring 2014

Thom Watson

Also titled, "You Might be a Christian If...", this class walks through one of Church history's most recited creeds and discusses how and why it is relevant for Christians today. Each week examines a different statement in the creed, and ties it to Scripture and other Reformed documents. This class helps to show that "theology" and "doctrine" are not dirty words, but actually directly influence the way we live our lives!  You can download the handouts for the whole series, as well as audio for the last four weeks.

Spiritual Gifts - February 2014

Bill Mason & Dale Salter

Spiritual gifts are one of the most discussed subjects in many churches, and yet the least understood.  This class looks at Scriptural descriptions of spiritual gifts, as well as Scriptural mandates for believers to use their gifts.  Check out the test here, and let's discuss how we can use our gifts to build up the body of Christ.

Each One Reach One - Fall 2013

Dr. Perry Bowers & Chip Craver

Sharing your faith is not about gimmicks, methods, programs, or techniques. It's about being available to God as he uses you to walk a friend through the process of learning his truth. Every follower of Christ needs to be able to clearly, compassionately, and carefully explain how to begin a relationship with God. If you already have a way of doing this, use it! This class helps give ideas on how to share your faith through already existing relationships. For more information, check out Focused Living Ministries.

Psalms - Summer 2013

Thom Watson

This class walked through the Psalms, looking at the different genres of Psalms and examined how the Psalms apply to Christian living today.  These songs and prayers are for all believers; in times of joy and sorrow, thanksgiving and doubt, the book of Psalms describe how the Christian  is able to approach the throne of the Lord.  You can download the material here.

Acts - Spring 2013

Bob McNaughton & Jeff Norris

Studying the book of Acts is an exciting study of the beginnings of the Church, as well as studying the empowering of the Church with the Holy Spirit.  The work of the Holy Spirit has shaped the people of God for centuries, and by studying the early church and the Holy Spirit's involvement, we can gain insight to Christian living today.  You can download the material here.

Overview of the New Testament - Spring 2012

Bob McNaughton & Jeff Norris

This class continues the themes began in the Overview of the Old Testament, reminding us that Scripture displays a picture of God receiving glory by restoring fellowship between all people groups and Himself through His Son, Jesus Christ.  Looking at the Gospels, epistles, and Revelation, we can see the person of Christ, the beginning of the Christian Church, and direct addresses as to how Christians should live in light of what the Lord has done.  You can download the material here.

Overview of the Old Testament - Fall 2011

Bob McNaughton & Jeff Norris

Looking at the Old Testament, we can see that it displays a picture of God receiving glory by restoring fellowship between all people groups and Himself through His Son, Jesus Christ.  From Creation to the Law to the Wisdom Literature to the Prophets, we see the ways that God was working on behalf of his people and preparing them for the coming of Jesus the Messiah.  You can download the material here.